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About Us

We Believe You Deserve

We believe you deserve great rates that are “right in there”, coverage that makes you feel you haven’t risked too much, and the comfort of knowing you have somewhere to turn when needs arise.

We Work for You

We’re Independent Agents working hard for you, not the insurance company. We find the best value for your unique situation by working with multiple companies that compete for your valuable business. Options and choices make a difference – that’s why we work with over 20 excellent insurers.

Customers stay with us in high numbers year after year because they’ve learned we really care, put their needs first, and get the job done.

What Can You Expect?

Glad you asked! We can’t assure every outcome will be to your liking, this is insurance after all, BUT we do promise to genuinely care about your best interests, to treat you with courtesy and respect, to honor your privacy, and to work hard to satisfy your needs. We’ll give you the same TLC we give our own Aunt Bea.

A REAL PERSON answers the phone, we don’t have one of those answering systems.

You’re NOT NUTS! We expect insurance isn’t your favorite subject, and we’re here to help with that in mind. Insurance is pretty serious stuff, and we know how frustrating it can sometimes seem. We try to keep it light and easy, and even find a little humor along the way.

You SHOULDN’T expect a “sales” person. None of us have any idea how to “push for a sale”. We know folks like to move at their own pace and in their own manner. Our customers take care of the “selling” for us with their inquiries and referrals.

We DON’T know everything, BUT we sure will find out. Some things come up pretty often, and we’ll quickly know which direction to go. Other times we’ll need to do some legwork to be assured we’re giving you reliable information and answers.

“Please enter your account number.” Not Here! Even a small insurance company is a big business, and they live under a lot of regulation to make sure everybody gets treated the same way. Sure they care, but they can’t break or change rules for anybody – including us, whether you’ve been with them one month or ten years. We’re not a big business, you’re not an account number, and if an insurer ceases to fit well for you, then we simply find another one that does.

Our Specialty – Your Partner

We’re specialists in doing thorough legwork for almost any kind of need, but we’re not specialized in any one product area. We specialize in the unique needs of each client, and that can mean locating a “not so common” product. Many folks like to have all their insurance at one place. If you choose us, it’s pretty unlikely you’ll ever need to call another insurance agency and explain “my agent doesn’t handle the product I want”. Yes, we write Notary Bonds as well as Aircraft Insurance, right along with Long Term Care and Business Packages for “special risks”. We’re Your Partner, for All Account Needs.

Options & Choices

Having options and choices is vital to our providing the best solutions for your unique needs. This is why we continually maintain excellent relationships with a diverse variety of insurers and partners. We work hard to always have several markets that will aggressively compete for your valuable business, even when an insurer has changed its appetite.