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Do You Have Insurance When You Use Someone Else’s Car?

Joel is an attorney living in Manhattan. He relies on public transportation to get around the city and occasionally rents a car, so he does not own one. When he goes back home for a visit, he will sometimes borrow one of his parents' cars to go out or visit friends. He certainly does not plan on having a car accident when he's driving, so... Read Article

How Credit Scores Affect Auto Insurance Rates

It is mandatory to have auto insurance today. Although everyone knows that credit scores play a key role in determining loan eligibility, many people do not know that their credit scores affect auto insurance rates. Fortunately, rates are not affected by credit scores as much as loan rates are. However, it is important to understand what data insurers use, how it affects auto insurance rates... Read Article

Facebook Follies: Will Your Insurance Help If You Say the Wrong Thing?

Social networking Web sites, such as MySpace, Facebook and LinkedIn, are growing increasingly popular with young people and adults alike. These sites allow people to reconnect with old friends and colleagues and to make new connections. However, as with most other Web sites, these sites allow the posting of communications that the posters may come to regret. These posts can cause hard feelings and may... Read Article

Hiring a Contractor? Make Sure They’re Insured

When you hire contractors, electricians or other home repair specialists, you may shop around on price and go with the least expensive one. But if a contractor comes in with a bid that is much lower than the competition, it could mean they are cutting corners - and one of the top ways for them to do this is in the insurance they carry, or... Read Article