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Do You Need an Umbrella? Here Are Some Things to Consider

Standard auto, homeowner's and boat insurance policies cover liability a person may have for injuries or property damage suffered by someone else. Insurance companies design them to cover accidents for which the insured person may owe tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. However, sometimes the person may be responsible for an accident so catastrophic that the damages are $1,000,000 or more. To cover... Read Article

Five Reasons You Might Want to Get Under an Umbrella

Umbrella insurance policies can be an important feature of personal financial plans. They provide additional insurance that takes over when a claim uses up all of the homeowner's or auto insurance. They even cover some losses that home and auto insurance do not cover, though the policyholder must pay a small deductible for them. They provide insurance amounts as low as $1,000,000 and may provide... Read Article

Old Plumbing? Make Sure Your Insurance Will Let You Replace to Code

This winter, too many building owners will get caught by surprise: They'll have pipes burst in the cold, doing tens of thousands of dollars in damage. They'll get estimates to repair. They'll file a claim with their property insurance company - only to find out that their policy will only cover a fraction of their costs. The problem: Insufficient coverage for building code upgrades. Here's... Read Article

Does a Homeowner's Policy Cover Your Home Business?

Thanks to advances in technology and the Internet, more and more people are running home-based businesses, either full-time or part-time. But will a homeowner's policy cover the risks of a home-based business? In nearly every case, the answer is no. The only exception to this might be if a homeowner's policy has a special endorsement, such as to run a catering company from your home.... Read Article

Insuring Your Student Away at College

Sending a child off to college is always an exciting and anxious time for parents. They worry about their child's safety, whether she has everything she needs, how she'll get along with her roommates, and whether she's ready for independent living. Between making sure that textbooks and supplies have been purchased, tuition bills paid and course registrations completed, it's natural that parents won't think about... Read Article