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  • GP

    “Great personal service, will work to find the best rates for you

  • GP

    “Personal service that is wonderful, will work to find the best rates around.

  • CR

    “If your looking for the best costumer service this is the place for you! Kate has always been the best I’ve ever seen!!!! Thanks for the amazing service.

  • AB

    “Buckenberger Christ Insurance Agency is the best insurance company in the area. They were very patient and professional when they were tailoring an insurance policy to my specific needs. I recommend using their services to anyone looking for insurance.

  • JM

    “I have been with Buckenberger Insurance Agency for many, many years now and I have had good experiences.

  • NO

    “My agent, Kate, is very prompt at responding to my emails and is friendly and helpful.

  • JR

    “Buckenberger Christ Insurance Agency is the most honest insurance company I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Kate worked with me directly, taking the time to go over all my possible benefits. I was a customer at my previous car insurance company for over 10 years and I assumed they were giving me the best rate possible. I also thought switching car insurances would be such a hassle, but she did all of the work for me and was able to save me so much money!! I never realized how much I was overpaying each month. Whenever I have questions, I just reach out to Kate directly and she takes care of everything. Highly recommend leaving whatever company you are currently with because these guys are the experts!”

  • CL

    “Great service to have! Very knowledgeable staff, helped me understand what exactly I was paying for.”

  • KB

    “Superb customer service with value. This is what insurance is supposed to be”

  • DR

    “Kate is so helpful and a pleasure to work with! :)”

  • Billy Yezic

    “Great company, always dedicated to saving me money on my policy!

  • MF

    “I have enjoyed working with the Buckenberger Insurance Agency for business, as well as personal needs, for over 20 years. They have the expertise and the prompt personal service for both my business and personal insurance needs. Numerous times they have helped me consider coverage alternatives to save premiums and at the same time, provide necessary and intended protections. For example, they recently made a presentation giving us alternate quotes and premium reductions, including an overview of the significantly different coverage available for the reduced premiums. I decided, given the alternatives, to stay with the higher premiums in order to obtain the coverage needed.

    Buckenberger’s partnering approach worked well for me and I am sure will work well for me in the future.

  • NK

    “I’ve worked with the Buckenberger Insurance Agency for over 25 years, and I have only good things to say about the people there. They have always been proactive and creative, frequently looking for better or less expensive ways to provide insurance before I could ask, helping with claims, and always being available when I had questions. The Agency has helped me, and has helped me help clients. I would strongly recommend the folks at Buckenberger to anyone that needed insurance.

  • PJ

    “As a business owner I really like working with Buckenberger Insurance. We have a lot of changing insurance needs and they are always looking out for our business, letting us know when we need different or additional coverage. In today’s world of business working with a company like Buckenberger Insurance means there is one less thing to worry about.